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Send Mail Script works only on some records?

Question asked by malibux14x on Apr 4, 2013
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Send Mail Script works only on some records?



     I created a DB where i have one page for SALES REP info, and three for EMAILS. (see photo)

     i then created a script in a the DB with all my clients where if i hit a button, it goes and reads clients name and email from CLIENTS DB and puts that into the Email.  Then goes to the EMAILS DB and reads the text enterered into the SUBJECT and BODY and puts that into the email automatically.  then goes to the SALES REP portion of that DB and inserts the signature.


     i have it like this so multiple sales reps can use it and not have to put your signature in each email and added the email section so that if the rep had to email the same email to 100 accounts they can and it would look personal adding thier first name and email.

     now, the problem is, it works like a charm with some records in the CLIENTS DB but not all of them.  why would it do that if the format of the records are all the same?  only the data entered is different.  it should still read whats in the box right?