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    Send Mail Server Settings



      Send Mail Server Settings


      I've been using these scripts for a couple of years and they work great.  However, this client is now changing their email service and I'm having trouble getting the new settings to work.  I think it is a syntax problem but maybe not?

      It works fine as you see it below.  However, when i enter their new setting "gw.clackesd.k12.or.us" it won't work.  Is there something wrong with the syntax here?  

      I might add that this seems to work fine in my PHP document.


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          Well, I guess if I can't get an answer, I have to go elsewhere.  I would have liked if someone had clued me that Outgoing SMTP Server area will accept the text equivalent. I assumed it would, I now know it will.

          This is what turned out to be the issue:  The client is migrating to Google Mail (gmail).  FileMaker accesses the SMTP server directly so you have to put "smtp.gmail.com" in this area (or whatever your new SMTP Server wants).  In addition, gmail requires different ports and SSL.  Google publishes a doc on this.  Good luck!


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            You may have just helped out others. I've seen scattered reports here that suggest that gmail is working for some, and not for others. The information you've just provided may explain why this has been so.