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Send mail via Thunderbird.

Question asked by argasoft on May 14, 2015
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Send mail via Thunderbird.


I have Win 7 Pro 64 SP1 - FMPA - Tbird 31.6.0 as preferred client.

I save record as PDF and want to send it (with dialog) but netiher the addressee nor the enclosed file appear in the Tbird UI. For the addressee I use a field and for the enclosure a local variable (file:/D:/Documents/....) and are correct (before the "Send Mail" step I have "CustomDialog" showing the values). Before "Send mail", "Pause/Resume" with 2 sec duration.

Help says the win.ini file has to be present with a [Mail] section. Its' there and contains:

Something missing in the .ini file? Something in the registry? Something with the Tbird MAPI settings?

I just moved to Tbird from Eudora 7.1 (importing via Eudora Ose which seems to be the only reliable way to do this). Ose has been uninstalled.

Strange enough: If I set Eudora as preferred client, Send Mail makes Tbird appear saying it's not the preferred e-mail client.

Thanks a lot in advance.