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    Send mail via Thunderbird.



      Send mail via Thunderbird.


      I have Win 7 Pro 64 SP1 - FMPA - Tbird 31.6.0 as preferred client.

      I save record as PDF and want to send it (with dialog) but netiher the addressee nor the enclosed file appear in the Tbird UI. For the addressee I use a field and for the enclosure a local variable (file:/D:/Documents/....) and are correct (before the "Send Mail" step I have "CustomDialog" showing the values). Before "Send mail", "Pause/Resume" with 2 sec duration.

      Help says the win.ini file has to be present with a [Mail] section. Its' there and contains:

      Something missing in the .ini file? Something in the registry? Something with the Tbird MAPI settings?

      I just moved to Tbird from Eudora 7.1 (importing via Eudora Ose which seems to be the only reliable way to do this). Ose has been uninstalled.

      Strange enough: If I set Eudora as preferred client, Send Mail makes Tbird appear saying it's not the preferred e-mail client.

      Thanks a lot in advance.

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          I dug through my Known Bugs List database and found the following info in a tutorial record. It's old and I don't know if it is still correct:

          It shows text in an ini file should be:


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            Hi, Phil.

            First of all: Thanks.

            I already had found your suggestion somewhere, tried it again with no success.
            Meanwhile I found this https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Command_Line_Options#Syntax_Rules and tried it with
            Send Event ["aevt" ; "odoc" ; "thunderbird -compose..."]
            To have paragraphs in body, html tags have to be coded as string (e.g. "<p></p><p>Some Text</p>").
            Fields and variables can be used.

            Hope this helps Thunderbird users that have the same problem (anyway, strange enough or misterious behaviours of Win, someone has no problem getting the desired result (to have addressee and attachment in Thunderbird's new message UI) just using the Send Mail [E-mail client...].

            However, this brings up a problem: "my" workaround is valid only for Thunderbird (I suppose) which is actually my preferred client e-mail.

            How can I get the name/.exe file of other preferred clients to make this valid for all? Any idea?

            Nice weekend to all.