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    Send mail with attaching file



      Send mail with attaching file


           HiI m using a filemaker pro database ona server . Well , I wont to export records then sendind attached file with a mail !! "Export record" is not compatible with web publishing, But it's compatible with Server( when I make a script). So, What the solution to export records then send it in a mail?? Can we make "EXport" Just on SErver and send them in a mail?? I have successful do the script of export and snding mail with attached file in DESKTOP but I can't do that in web browser!! please help . Yhks

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               There is no simple way to do that.

               You might be able to add a table where users fill out a request form for the needed data. A server schedule could then run on regular intervals and check this table for any new requests. It would use data recorded in fields of the request table to find the correct records and export the data, using an SMTP email server to send out the requested email with the needed attachment.

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                 What I want to do is:

                 I have a layout that display a list of Cars( ID, Name, Type, Color..). Well, what I did, a script that where I chose Some Cars ( By a chekbox ); I export all records ;what it was display in the layout and other field that is in the "Table CArs"( like: Price, Number of Doors,......); in a ".XLS" file then I send it with a mail. What I need now ,how Export XLS file records in Server and which Path can I use to send that export in a mail??? I want do not chose the same cars every time, I want to choose some cars then RESET the list for onother export ;; THKS

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                   The user would enter data in fields of a table. They'd enter their email address and the criteria to be used to bring up the records they need to have exported. As an example, they might specify "Renault" and the year range 20010...2013. In 3 fields along with their email address in a 4th field.

                   The script, scheduled in a server schedule to run on frequent intervals, would check this table for any newly added records and export/email the data to them. It then would set a value in a 5th field to "mark" it as having been dealt with so that it only gets emailed to the recipient a single time.