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Send Mail without dialogue: Outlook problems

Question asked by ralvy on Dec 1, 2009
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Send Mail without dialogue: Outlook problems


I have a script that sends email to various people via a loop, where each gets a different file attached to the mail. Setting it up to Send Mail With Dialogue works, but that's not what I want. Setting it to Send Mail Without Dialogue works fine if Thunderbird is the default email client, but not when Outlook 2007 is. In the latter case, I get a Windows security warning about the attempted send mail event, and when that warning finally allows me to press the Allow button, nothing happens, and Filemaker seems to freeze up a while. If I wait long enough, Filemaker regains consciousness. The mail never is sent.


I've searched for some there threads here and there, but none seem to have an answer to this. I imagine I'm just not searching properly.


Send Mail Via SMTP is not an option, since this is a runtime app I'm developing.