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Send Mail-Incorrect Email Address

Question asked by charlie12342 on Mar 23, 2009
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Send Mail-Incorrect Email Address


FileMaker documentation indicates that sending will stop when an undeliverable email address is encountered.


I tested this with a practice group of 3 emails. The second email was incorrect. Emails 1 and 3 were delivered. Email 2 resulted in a not deliverable message in my email client.  Just what I would want to happen.


I then sent my "mass" mailing to 50 email addresses.  I saw a dialog in FileMaker indicating that email(s)  were not deliverable. Two non-deliverable notices appeared in my email client inbox. I called an individual at the end of the list of 50 and he said not receive the email.


What is the real story? If I received two non-deliverable notices, then FileMaker does not stop when encountering one non-deliverable message.


The best result would be for me to get a non-deliverable notice on all non-deliverable messages in a group of 50, and for all other message to be delivered.