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    Send Message to other Users on Network.



      Send Message to other Users on Network.


      Good morning or evening.

      I'm running FMpro 10 on XP.

      Is there a way to send a message to one or more users on the net work? Not an email.




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             If you have server, you can broadcast out a message.
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            Steve Wright

            You can also do this via a plug-in, which executes a script on another machine.


            Or you could build some form of workaround, depending on the purpose of the messages, i.e how urgent they may be.


            Im just thinking out loud here, its something I plan on integrating into my solution soon in one form or another 


            You could have a message table, which contains fields for message,  timestamp and users its applicable to

            Each machine could be set to check this table for related records using an onTimer event and a short script


            Depending on the duration of the onTimer event the message could display using a custom dialog box

            showing the contents of the most recent related message.  

            You could then flag it as being read or remove the message after reading to stop the message table getting too large.





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              I see the mesaage from Mr Vodka about a server, I've been looking at this option. However, I don't currently have a server, so this isn't an option now but may soon be. Thanks Mr. Vodka.

              I was thinking why this sending a message to a cleint(guest) isn't a standard option on Filemaker. It's available  When you go to the filemaker network option, then click on any shared file, you have that capabilty to broadcast a message to a guest.....or all guests that currently have this file open. I would like to also like to see what particular users(account names) have a shared file open instead of seeing the number of users on.


              Thanks for reply.