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Send multiple files in one email?

Question asked by JessicaFiorini on Feb 21, 2012
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Send multiple files in one email?


I haven't found much in the way of explaining if this is possible...

I have a database that has a certain amount of manuscripts that need to be reviewed by 3 different reviewers. Currently, when I assign a manuscript for review, I run a script that attaches the correct manuscript from it's container and sends out an email. Sometimes, there is only one manuscript for review. Other times, there's a batch. Is there a way to attach multiple files based on a find? For example, could I do a find on reviewer "Herb" and task status "Review" and then email all the resultant file paths? I publish the file paths below the container, so they do appear somewhere. I wouldn't mind if the actual files do not get attached but the resultant file paths are listed in the email.