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    Send multiple files in one email?



      Send multiple files in one email?


      I haven't found much in the way of explaining if this is possible...

      I have a database that has a certain amount of manuscripts that need to be reviewed by 3 different reviewers. Currently, when I assign a manuscript for review, I run a script that attaches the correct manuscript from it's container and sends out an email. Sometimes, there is only one manuscript for review. Other times, there's a batch. Is there a way to attach multiple files based on a find? For example, could I do a find on reviewer "Herb" and task status "Review" and then email all the resultant file paths? I publish the file paths below the container, so they do appear somewhere. I wouldn't mind if the actual files do not get attached but the resultant file paths are listed in the email.

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          Without adding an email plug in, FileMaker can only attach one file to a given email. If you were to "zip" the files into a single file, you could attach that. If the documents are PDF's generated from FileMaker, you might be able to use save as PDF to append each such PDF to an existing PDF file to produce an all in one file.

          Otherwise, you're stuck with one document for each email.