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Send One Letter to Multiple Recipients

Question asked by EoinWhite on Jul 31, 2013
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Send One Letter to Multiple Recipients


     Hi there,

     I have a database with a Contacts Table, a Letters Table and a Letter Layout.  I would like to create a letter record in my Letter Table and print a copy for multiple records in my Contacts Table using the Letter Layout.

     My contacts have references that identify different groups, e.g. contacts from Coca-Cola would have a reference COCA001, COCA002, COCA003, and so on. I have a button script that performs a find then prints the letters, but I’m unable to figure out what the find request between the two tables should be.  I’ve tried several combinations using variables etc. but have only managed to print 1 record or unable to find any records.

     I would also like it to be possible to send individual letters using these tables and layouts so that all letter records are stored in one place.

     Fields that I am using to perform find requests are:

     Company Reference: e.g. COCA

     Individual Reference: e.g. COCA001

     Some help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!