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    Send PDF in email



      Send PDF in email


      I have a script set up to send an email with an attached pdf of a "work order". Everything works great except the attachment. My filename i have set to be the "work order number". However, it doesnt save it with an extension. The attachment will just be "123456" and not "123456.pdf" like it is supposed to be. Ive attached my script. What am I doing wrong?




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          The specify file box can't evaluate calculations such as:

          $FileName & ".PDF".

          So modify the Set Variable step to be:

          Set Variable [$FileName ; value: Workorders::pkWorkorderID & ".PDF" ]

          and just use $FileName in the Save As PDF box.

          but you might want to modify ths further to be:

          Set Variable [$FileName ; value: Get ( TemporaryPaty ) & Workorders::pkWorkorderID & ".PDF" ]

          So that you don't have PDF's building up in the same directory as your database file.

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            perfect. I knew it was something simple i was messing up.


            thanks a lot. worked great