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    Send Portal to Back



      Send Portal to Back


      Is there a way to send a Portal to the back?  I've tried using the Arrange>Send to Back option many times, but every time I go into Layout mode, the portal is always at the front.

      I'm trying to have a slide menu appear when a button is pressed, but my slide control always appears behind the portal.  I also tried tabs, and just a regular rectangle with conditional formatting, but they never appear in front of the portal.

      Has anyone found a way around this?

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          Some details appear to be missing here. How exactly are you trying to make the Slide Control appear when a button is pressed? Did you put it inside a popover?

          And is this FileMaker Pro or FileMaker GO? (There's a known issue in Go involved with portals so that possible explanation comes to mind here...)

          I can't tell if this is the issue here, but...

          Slide Controls, Tab Controls, Popovers and Portals a new behavior when compared to older versions. They "own" the objects contained within them. That means that when you move one of these controls, all layout text, fields, etc move with them. If they are not so "owned" they will not move with them. This can then affect what you see in browse mode.A Portal, for example might be "owned" by a slide control, popover panel or tab control panel. If so, you can't move them "behind" the enclosing control without first dragging the totally outside of the enclosing control.

          And this is a portal and not a web viewer? There's a known issue with popovers and web viewers so that is a remotely possible factor here.

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            I had a slide control setup originally with two panels - both have no background color.  The first panel had nothing in it, and the second one had a set of options for the user.  When the button is pressed, a script puts the second panel in focus and conditional formatting gives it a colored background.   The portal is not part of the slide control, I just want the slide's panel to come out when the button is pushed.  That means it should be in front of the portal, not behind it.

            This is on Pro.  It is not a web viewer.  It is for sure a portal.

            I've attached a picture of it (bear in mind I'm still developing the appearance).  The block white is the second panel of my slide control (again, I tried this with tabs as well but I get the same result).  You can see that it is behind the portal row instead of in front of it.

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              Looks like you need to use a popover button instead of a slide control.

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                I was hoping to avoid a popover button, but I might just have to use it anyways. 


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                  Why do you want to avoid using the popover button? It's a very handy design tool.

                  I can replicate this behavior but I don't see how this would work for you even if you could keep the slide control in front of the portal. If you could do that, the portal would be permanently covered by either panel 1 or panel 2 of the slide control and I don't see how that work work for you.

                  The popover, on the other hand, can extend to cover the portal with no issue and with the click of a button as you describe.

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                    I figured out why it was going behind the portal.  Because my slide control was flush with the Layout's Header, it put my slide panel behind all the other objects.  I moved it down slightly and it works as expected now.  As long as the slide panel doesn't touch the bottom of the Header, it stays in front.

                    Thanks for your help!

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                      Still scratching my head as to why you want to do it this way and how you can possibly access the portal as from your description, it would appear to be permanently covered by the slide control...

                      PS. My quick test must have placed the slide control in contact with the header also--should have spotted that as this is a known issue with slide and tab controls.