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    Send text messages



      Send text messages


       I know how to use the SendMail script when I need to send data from a database, but I need the capability of sending text messages to cell phones. Can anyone tell me how to do this, or if it is even possible?

      Thanks - Charlie

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          I searched att website for information on senting text from computer.  Att States you can send a text from email to  #@mmode.com.  I did a test to my phone and I did get a message but it didn't come up as a text. It was delivered to my unversial inbox.  You might search each carrier website for information how to do this.


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            Google "SMS filemaker"

            Did not check them all, but most appear to require  a plugin.

            If you find an elegant, simple solution, please post it here.

            David Anders
            The Computer Guy, Seattle

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              Google "SMS Text Service"

              Google SMS applications

              Use Google applications via SMS text message.

              Gmail SMS

              Send free SMS to your friends from Gmail.

              This thread has scripts for http posts to SMS service

              This service has an API well documented  30day free trial - $15 per month

              MOST of these no longer exist...
              10 Services To Send Text Messages From The Web

              April 19, 2008

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                Check out http://www.fmstartingpoint.com/ they have incorporated texting into the solution, and already have a few phone carriers added already.  No plugins required.  You can set it up to send via Email Client, or an STMP server.  I've modified this in one of my own solutions and it works great.

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                  I dont have a data package on my android, but use my number and @mms.att.net to send emails to my text messages on my phone, and it works fine also..

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                    There is a good solution here for testing your settings and ports.



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                      I looked at the FMStartingpoint software that was recommended by Marc and I got an extension for T-Mobile users. I typed in the phone number and the extension @tmomail.net and the text was immediately sent by my SMTP settings in the SendMail script to the cell number I used. I am going to assume that since Marc tried ATT @mms.att.net then, that works for ATT users. So,

                      T-Mobile = phone number (with area code) @tmomail.net
                      ATT = phone number (with area code) @mms.att.net
                      Verizon = phone number (with area code) @vtext.com    (This has not been proven, but it's in the list with FMStartingpoint)
                      Sprint = phone number (with area code) @messaging.sprintpcs.com       (This has not been proven, but it's in the list with FMStartingpoint)

                      Anyone else that would like to add to this list, please do so.  If someone could test Verizon and Sprint with the info above, that would be great.

                      I was discussing my runtime program with someone today and the first thing they said, was, "I want a text message, not an email."

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                        Here is a large list of extentions I found doing a search on google.


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                          Awesome, Marc. Thanks.


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                             Can someone now tell me how to:

                            1) Create a field for a cell number
                            2) After the person enters the cell number,  I suppose there should be a pop-up menu for them to select the Cell Phone provider;
                            3) Then, after they choose the Provider, the proper extension is added to the cell number data so the text can be sent.

                            I have to make this simple, simple or it will never work for the people I am working with on this project.

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                              Create 3 Fields
                              CellPhone : Validate Numeric Only 
                              Carrier:  Attach to Value list described below Text Field Validate by Value List Carrier 
                              cCellTextAddress:  Calculation From Custom Function Below     SMSaddress(  Carrier ; CellPhone )
                              Create a Custom Function under File|Manage|Custom Functions
                              Name: SMSaddress
                              Parameter: Carrier
                              Parameter: CellPhone
                              // SMSaddress(  Carrier ; CellPhone )     E-mail to SMS address format
                              GetAsNumber( Filter ( CellPhone ; "1234567890") )  &
                              Carrier = "3 River Wireless" ; "@sms.3rivers.net" ;
                              Carrier = "Advantage Communications" ; "@advantagepaging.com" ;
                              Carrier = "AirVoice" ; "@mmode.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Airtouch Pagers" ; "@airtouch.net" ;
                              Carrier = "Airtouch Pagers" ; "@airtouchpaging.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Airtouch Pagers" ; "@alphapage.airtouch.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Airtouch Pagers" ; "@myairmail.com" ;
                              Carrier = "AllTel" ; "@message.alltel.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Alltel PCS" ; "@message.alltel.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Alltel" ; "@alltelmessage.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Ameritech Paging" ; "@pageapi.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Arch Pagers (PageNet)" ; "@archwireless.net" ;
                              Carrier = "Arch Pagers (PageNet)" ; "@epage.arch.com" ;
                              Carrier = "AT&T (SMS)" ;"@mms.att.net"
                              Carrier = "Bell South (Blackberry)" ; "@bellsouthtips.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Bell South Mobility;" ; "@blsdcs.net" ;
                              Carrier = "Bell South" ; "@blsdcs.net" ;
                              Carrier = "Bell South" ; "@sms.bellsouth.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Bell South" ; "@wireless.bellsouth.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Bluegrass Cellular" ; "@sms.bluecell.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Boost Mobile;" ; "@myboostmobile.com" ;
                              Carrier = "Boost" ; "@myboostmobile.com";
                              Carrier = "CallPlus" ; "@mmode.com";
                              Carrier = "Carolina Mobile Communications" ; "@cmcpaging.com";
                              Carrier = "Cellular One East Coast" ; "@phone.cellone.net";
                              Carrier = "Cellular One PCS" ; "@paging.cellone-sf.com";
                              Carrier = "Cellular One South West" ; "@swmsg.com";
                              Carrier = "Cellular One West" ; "@mycellone.com";
                              Carrier = "Cellular One" ; "@message.cellone-sf.com";
                              Carrier = "Cellular One" ; "@mobile.celloneusa.com";
                              Carrier = "Cellular One" ; "@sbcemail.com";
                              Carrier = "Cellular South" ; "@csouth1.com";
                              Carrier = "Central Vermont Communications" ; "@cvcpaging.com";
                              Carrier = "CenturyTel" ; "@messaging.centurytel.net";
                              Carrier = "Cingular (GSM)" ; "@cingularme.com";
                              Carrier = "Cingular (TDMA)" ; "@mmode.com";
                              Carrier = "Cingular Wireless" ; "@mobile.mycingular.net";
                              Carrier = "Cingular" ; "@cingularme.com";
                              Carrier = "Communication Specialists" ; "@pageme.comspeco.net";
                              Carrier = "Cook Paging" ; "@cookmail.com";
                              Carrier = "Corr Wireless Communications" ; "@corrwireless.net";
                              Carrier = "Dobson Communications Corporation" ; "@mobile.dobson.net";
                              Carrier = "Dobson-Cellular One" ; "@mobile.cellularone.com";
                              Carrier = "Edge Wireless" ; "@sms.edgewireless.com";
                              Carrier = "GCS Paging" ; "@webpager.us";
                              Carrier = "GTE" ; "@gte.pagegate.net";
                              Carrier = "GTE" ; "@messagealert.com";
                              Carrier = "Galaxy Corporation" ; "@sendabeep.net";
                              Carrier = "GrayLink" ; "@epage.porta-phone.com";
                              Carrier = "Houston Cellular" ; "@text.houstoncellular.net";
                              Carrier = "Inland Cellular Telephone" ; "@inlandlink.com";
                              Carrier = "JSM Tele-Page" ; "@jsmtel.com";
                              Carrier = "Lauttamus Communication" ; "@e-page.net";
                              Carrier = "MCI Phone" ; "@mci.com";
                              Carrier = "MCI" ; "@pagemci.com";
                              Carrier = "Metro PCS" ; "@metropcs.sms.us";
                              Carrier = "Metro PCS" ; "@mymetropcs.com";
                              Carrier = "MetroPCS" ; "@mymetropcs.com";
                              Carrier = "Metrocall 2-way" ; "@my2way.com";
                              Carrier = "Metrocall" ; "@page.metrocall.com";
                              Carrier = "Midwest Wireless" ; "@clearlydigital.com";
                              Carrier = "Mobilecom PA" ; "@page.mobilcom.net";
                              Carrier = "Mobilfone" ; "@page.mobilfone.com";
                              Carrier = "Morris Wireless" ; "@beepone.net";
                              Carrier = "NPI Wireless" ; "@npiwireless.com";
                              Carrier = "Nextel" ; "@messaging.nextel.com";
                              Carrier = "Nextel" ; "@page.nextel.com";
                              Carrier = "Ntelos" ; "@pcs.ntelos.com";
                              Carrier = "Omnipoint" ; "@omnipoint.com";
                              Carrier = "Omnipoint" ; "@omnipointpcs.com";
                              Carrier = "OnlineBeep" ; "@onlinebeep.net";
                              Carrier = "PCS One" ; "@pcsone.net";
                              Carrier = "Pacific Bell" ; "@pacbellpcs.net";
                              Carrier = "PageMart" ; "@pagemart.net";
                              Carrier = "PageOne NorthWest" ; "@page1nw.com";
                              Carrier = "Enid Cellular" ; "@msg.pioneerenidcellular.com";
                              Carrier = "Price Communications" ; "@mobilecell1se.com";
                              Carrier = "ProPage" ; "@page.propage.net";
                              Carrier = "Public Service Cellular" ; "@sms.pscel.com";
                              Carrier = "Qualcomm   name@pager.qualcomm.com";
                              Carrier = "Qwest" ; "@qwestmp.com";
                              Carrier = "RAM Page" ; "@ram-page.com";
                              Carrier = "ST Paging    pin@page.stpaging.com";
                              Carrier = "Safaricom" ; "@safaricomsms.com";
                              Carrier = "Satelindo GSM" ; "@satelindogsm.com";
                              Carrier = "Satellink" ; ".pageme@satellink.net";
                              Carrier = "Simple Freedom" ; "@text.simplefreedom.net";
                              Carrier = "Skytel Pagers" ; "@email.skytel.com";
                              Carrier = "Skytel Pagers" ; "@skytel.com";
                              Carrier = "Smart Telecom" ; "@mysmart.mymobile.ph";
                              Carrier = "Southern LINC" ; "@page.southernlinc.com";
                              Carrier = "Southwestern Bell" ; "@email.swbw.com";
                              Carrier = "Sprint PCS" ; "@messaging.sprintpcs.com";
                              Carrier = "Sprint" ; "@sprintpaging.com";
                              Carrier = "SunCom" ; "@tms.suncom.com";
                              Carrier = "Surewest Communications" ; "@mobile.surewest.com";
                              Carrier = "T-Mobile" ; "@tmomail.net";
                              Carrier = "TIM" ; "@timnet.com";
                              Carrier = "TSR Wireless" ; "@alphame.com";
                              Carrier = "TSR Wireless" ; "@beep.com";
                              Carrier = "Teletouch" ; "@pageme.teletouch.com";
                              Carrier = "Telus" ; "@msg.telus.com";
                              Carrier = "The Indiana Paging Co" ; "@pager.tdspager.com";
                              Carrier = "Triton" ; "@tms.suncom.com";
                              Carrier = "US Cellular" ; "@email.uscc.net";
                              Carrier = "USA Mobility" ; "@mobilecomm.net";
                              Carrier = "Unicel" ; "@utext.com";
                              Carrier = "Verizon PCS" ; "@myvzw.com";
                              Carrier = "Verizon Pagers" ; "@myairmail.com";
                              Carrier = "Verizon" ; "@vtext.com";
                              Carrier = "Virgin Mobile" ; "@vmobl.com";
                              Carrier = "Virgin Mobile" ; "@vxtras.com";
                              Carrier = "WebLink Wireless" ; "@pagemart.net";
                              Carrier = "West Central Wireless" ; "@sms.wcc.net";
                              Carrier = "Western Wireless" ; "@cellularonewest.com";
                              Carrier = "Wyndtell" ; "@wyndtell.com" )
                              Create a value List: Carrier Names
                              3 River Wireless
                              Advantage Communications
                              Airtouch Pagers
                              Alltel PCS
                              Ameritech Paging
                              Arch Pagers (PageNet)
                              AT&T (SMS)
                              Bell South
                              Bell South (Blackberry)
                              Bell South Mobility;
                              Bluegrass Cellular
                              Boost Mobile
                              Carolina Mobile Communications
                              Cellular One
                              Cellular One East Coast
                              Cellular One PCS
                              Cellular One South West
                              Cellular One West
                              Cellular South
                              Central Vermont Communications
                              Cingular (GSM)
                              Cingular (TDMA)
                              Cingular Wireless
                              Communication Specialists
                              Cook Paging
                              Corr Wireless Communications
                              Dobson-Cellular One
                              Dobson Communications Corporation
                              Edge Wireless
                              Galaxy Corporation
                              GCS Paging
                              Houston Cellular
                              Inland Cellular Telephone
                              JSM Tele-Page
                              Lauttamus Communication
                              MCI Phone
                              Metro PCS
                              Metrocall 2-way
                              Midwest Wireless
                              Mobilecom PA
                              Morris Wireless
                              NPI Wireless
                              Pacific Bell
                              PageOne NorthWest
                              PCS One
                              Enid Cellular
                              Price Communications
                              Public Service Cellular
                              RAM Page
                              Satelindo GSM
                              Simple Freedom
                              Skytel Pagers
                              Smart Telecom
                              Southern LINC
                              Southwestern Bell
                              Sprint PCS
                              ST Paging
                              Surewest Communications
                              The Indiana Paging Co
                              TSR Wireless
                              US Cellular
                              USA Mobility
                              Verizon Pagers
                              Verizon PCS
                              Virgin Mobile
                              WebLink Wireless
                              West Central Wireless
                              Western Wireless
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                                Instead of a case function, it would be simpler and more flexible to set up a look up table of carriers and domains.

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                                  Or you could use an sms api.

                                  I use one (but I'm in Belgium) and the idea is really simple.

                                  You pretty much need to create a URL and then open it in your browser.

                                  That url contains:

                                  - phone number of the sender
                                  - phone number of the receiver
                                  - the text message
                                  - Your login name and password to the API

                                  You need to join a service like this and buy a certain amount of text credits.

                                  Then you can just send text messages from within filemaker.

                                  These services often allow you to send a fex messages for free as a demo.

                                  So you could try one out.

                                  Google SMS API and you should find plenty of candidates.

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                                    I have a sample fmp12 db I create with the Carriers listed above.  Very plain on the email. I used current email client.


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