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    Sending a JPG URL to a Container



      Sending a JPG URL to a Container


      Is it possible to script a Container to except a url JPG

      We have over 60,000 pics that are in a directory available on line.

      If I script a part to create the url when inventory is entered, then if the Photo using the same file name would be displayed in the container using the preset "URL"&Filename&".JPG" (hopfully)

      Or if not, can you suggest another way to display the URL pic........

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          Filepaths can be done, URL's to web sites cannot. If they are URL's to a web site, you can use a web viewer instead.

          To ste up file paths, you can examine the text inside a "store by reference" container field to figure out the format you need. (getastext (Containerfield) will return the contents of such a field so that you can see how the file reference is structured. You can then use Set Field or Replace Field Contents to modify the container field data just as though the field is a text field in order to move the filepath data into the container field, correctly formatted for your platform.