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Sending an email of a layout

Question asked by appt on May 31, 2013
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Sending an email of a layout


     Hi, many apologies if this has been solved before but the couple of post I could find did not work for me.

     I am new to this and am finding the scripting quite difficult as the posts show the script but often need to be created using menus that then seem to give slightly different code to what is printed here.

     I have a layout that details each pupil's progress in an exam subject. It includes grades and other details. It all works fine and when you show it to parents ant parents evening they are blown away. But I would like to then be able to email the layout as a PDF directly to them from the ipad I am showing it to them on.

     I can get an email to select the correct address but I cannot get the pdf to attach. When I use the code from this forum that I found I get a message telling me the file cannot be created.

     I know it must be something I am doing wrong with the script but I cannot work out what and really need a walkthrough.

     If anyone has 10 mins to help me on this I would be massively gratefull.