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    Sending Automatically email Reminder



      Sending Automatically email Reminder


           i have set up the email where i can send manually ( button ) email to the customer as a reminder

           what I want is

           where the system can send E-mail automatically on set ted up Remaining Day's

           i.e send the email on the 10 remaining day's

           please help me by showing any formula as I'm not expert

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               How do you determine the remaining days? Do you have an unstored calculation field that computes days that remain or do you just have a date field?

               Either way, a script can find all records with 10 or fewer days remaining, but the criteria used in the find might be different.

               If you want to find all records with a date field that is 10 or fewer days in the future, a script similar to this can find them:

               Enter Find Mode []
               Set Field [YourTable::YourDateField ; Get ( CurrentDate ) & "..." & Get ( Currentdate ) + 10 ]
               Set Error capture [on]
               Perform Find[]
               If [ Get ( FoundCount ) > 0 //there are records found with 10 or fewer days remaining]
                 # put steps here to send out your email. It can loop through the records found to send each an email.
               End If