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    Sending e-mail



      Sending e-mail


           I have a problem with sending e-mails Or rather how to send the e-mails to my addresses.

           I have a "Person"-table and an "InternalInformation"-table and they are related. In my "Person"-table i have a field that stores every single persons e-mail address.

           I have a script that takes the information from the "InternalInformation"-post and puts it in a mail and I have chosen the correct field from where to get the addresses through the relationship. But all I get is a "Unknown error: -1"

           What am I doing wrong? Is there and easier way to go about?

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               To see what you are doing wrong, (if anything), we need a more detailed description of exactly what you have set up in terms of your relationship between the two tables and exactly what you have specified in the send mail dialog.

               Also, what email client program is installed on your computer. Not all email clients are compatible with FileMaker.

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                 I know for a fact that the client is compatible with FM so I'm afraid it's my relationship that doesn't work.

                 The two tables are at the moment not related since it doesn't work....


                 The send mail dialog is as follows:

                 To: "Recently deleted, before": InternalInformation_PERSON::Email

                 CC: -

                 BCC: -

                 Subject: INTERNALINFORMATION::Subject

                 Message:  INTERNALINFORMATION::Notes & ¶ & ¶  & "Best wishes." & " " & INTERNINFO::Signature

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                   What you post shows references to three table occurrences: InternalInformation_PERSON, INTERNALINFORMATION and INTERNINFO

                   Without a valid relationship linking the three occurrences, only fields from one will contain data at the time your send mail is used in an attempt to send an email.