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Sending email from Portal

Question asked by john.s on Jul 6, 2014
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Sending email from Portal


     I'm trying to send an email from a layout with multiple portals and could really use some help...I thought I was starting to get the hang of FM but this has me stumped.

     I've attached a screenshot with the table relationships.


I have a Layout based on Schools with a Portal to “self join table” Schools | Select Active | Non Active.  The Portal is used to select a school and “button set up” goes to related record for that school using the current layout…


Three other portals each to Join_School_Sports table…one for each sports season…

Portals create a record for each sport selected to be covered for the school.


At the beginning of each sports season after creating the sports to be covered for the school I want to send an email to the Athletic Director to confirm the sports. 


I have a button for each season that will run a script to send the email.  I pass a script parameter with the _pk_SchoolCode and the Season.  I can’t figure out how to pull the name and email address for the Athletic Director out of the SchoolStaff table (field with Position = “Athletic Dir”  or how to pull the Sports Names for that school out of the SportsTeams table for each corresponding record in the Join_Schools_Sports table.