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Sending Email Reminders Using FM Pro 10

Question asked by Keystone on Nov 3, 2009
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Sending Email Reminders Using FM Pro 10


As a business owner who's using FMP to build a database for an upstart staffing company, this forum has been invaluable. I have the "Missing Manual", but don't typically find the specific solutions I'm looking for (or have the time).


Once again, thanks in advance for the help.


My newest problem is that I'm looking for a script that I can apply to a button (or field), that would future date an email reminder to the user to call a client.


i.e., when entering a client (or updating a record), a user could click on a button or enter some info that would cause FMP to send an email to the user at a set date/time, with a user defined subject and body content.


Any suggestions?