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    Sending Email Reminders Using FM Pro 10



      Sending Email Reminders Using FM Pro 10


      As a business owner who's using FMP to build a database for an upstart staffing company, this forum has been invaluable. I have the "Missing Manual", but don't typically find the specific solutions I'm looking for (or have the time).


      Once again, thanks in advance for the help.


      My newest problem is that I'm looking for a script that I can apply to a button (or field), that would future date an email reminder to the user to call a client.


      i.e., when entering a client (or updating a record), a user could click on a button or enter some info that would cause FMP to send an email to the user at a set date/time, with a user defined subject and body content.


      Any suggestions? 


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          I would store the "pending" emails in their own table. Then using a check with an opening script or using Install OnTimer, it would check to see every day whether any "pending" records need to be sent. The script would find records that havent been marked as sent ( you can use a sent date field instead if you wish ) and also check the daytosend date field that your user set.


          You would flag those records as sent when done so that they are no longer pending.



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            OK thanks.


            Being a Newbie, this is clearly beyond my skill right now. I'd need a step by step on how to set up a related table, fields, etc. I may need to hire a consultant... arrgh. 

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              If you are using Filemaker 10, the Install OnTimer script would be your choice. If you are using an earlier version and sometimes leave it running overnight which would not trigger the opening script, I would suggest installing a button on your main menu and possibly other locations to allow you to activate a search script to send the emails.


              In one of my database solutions, I used a 'followup plan of action' (FUPA) portal on several layouts to show by date when contacts by email, mail, or phone where scheduled for followup to a previous action or conversation.



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                Thanks TECman, I'm using FMP 10 (sorry I should have mentioned that). I'm not sure how I'd use the OnTimer script to actually "push" emails on a prescribed date.

                 It would be great if I knew how to add the following fields to my layout:


                Send email reminder: (field with a drop down calendar)


                Frequency: (drop down with every 30, 60, 90 days)


                Email to: (user enters the email that the message will be sent to)




                Message: (text that will be in the body of the text)



                There's probably a way to do this, but I'd need a step by step... 





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                  You are talking about three different actions - the Install OnTimer script, the script to find and send emails, and setting up the email reminder to be sent.


                  Again, I would start by setting up a related table to hold all emails, etc. pertaining to an individual/client. Show them in a portal on your layout displaying details including date email/contact should be sent and date it was sent. That way you have a record of everything you need to do and that which you have done.


                  Then create a script to search the related table for those action dates. And, finally, install a button, use an opening script, or both to start the Install OnTimer script which is in the button setup dialog window.