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Sending email to Outlook 2010

Question asked by SimonBurkitt on Aug 1, 2014
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Sending email to Outlook 2010


     Hi Guys,

     I have searched the forums and can't seem to find an answer to this one.

     I have upgraded to a new Windows 7 64bit machine running my Filemaker Pro 12v4 and Office 2010. Anytime I tried to send an email from Filemaker, it will go through the motions as it always did, but Outlook won't open a new email window. It works fine if the default mail program is Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail, only Outlook is doing this.

     And to make it even more confusing, I managed to get the Outlook email window to pop up once or twice while testing.

     This used to work perfectly on my older computer. Any help would be appreciated.