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Sending Email w/ a pre-existing PDF

Question asked by ChadBarnard on Sep 23, 2014
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Sending Email w/ a pre-existing PDF


So I have a pdf on the server that I can easily open w/ a button that opens a url w/ no dialog and a path of:


This works fine and opens the pdf as needed.

From a separate button, I want to attach this pdf to an email.  I set up the following script:

     Set Variable       [$rendering_path;Value:"w:/"&Orders::JobNumber&"/Renderings/"&Orders::JobNumber&"Rev1.pdf"]
     Send Email
[Send via Email Client; Subject: Orders::JobNumber &" " & Orders::LocationName &" " & Orders::OrderStreet &" " & Orders::OrderCityState; "$rendering_path"]

The email pulls up with all of the subject line correctly displayed, but there's no attachment.  A few seconds later the following dialog box pops up:

     Server Busy
     This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy.  Choose 'Switch To' to activate the
     busy program and correct the problem.

It give me the options 'Switch To', 'Retry', and 'Cancel', but the 'Cancel' option is grayed out.  Clicking the 'Switch To' seems to act like hitting the Windows key.  'Retry' does nothing.  I have to go to task manager and manually close Outlook to get the dialog to go away, but it seems to be a Filemaker one.

Anyone ever run into this before and/or can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for any insight.