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    Sending Emails FM Pro 9



      Sending Emails FM Pro 9


      I am wondering what the easiest way to send emails only to people that have email addresses in the email field.  How do I set this up, I am terrible at programming.  I have a database of around 3700 people.  Please help ASAP. Thanks a lot.

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          What Platform? Win or PC?

          Does your ISP support sending mass emails (many do not)?

          If you send that many BCC email addresses will your recipients email service reject them as spam?

          Is there any utility in sending HTML emails?

          Is cost a factor?

          IF so there are many HTML mass email sites. Some will allow pasting of comma delimited text email addresses.

          Some of them are www.mailchimp.com and www.madmimi.com

          $15 dollars for less than 5000...

          With these services, you can send pretty email and track those that have been opened. 

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            it is windows xp with mozilla thunderbird as the email app.

            i believe it should work with my isp. 

            its not going to be 3000 more like 300.

            i need to know how to use FM pro 9 to do this. thanks.


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              Thank you for your post.


              There is a Send Mail script step that allows you to send an email to your default email application.  Since you only want to send an email to those with an email address, there is an IsEmpty() function that checks to see if an entry exists in a field.


              If you want to send to everyone in the file, then you might want to Find all the records where an email entry exists.  You could use the following script regardless.


              Enter Browse Mode []

              Go to Record [First]


                 If [not IsEmpty (Email Field) ]

                    Send Mail [no dialog; To: EmailField; ....]

                 End If

                 Go to Record [Next; Exit after last]

              End Loop



              This goes to the first record of the found set and loops through the file.  If the email field is not empty, it sends an email.  (Otherwise, nothing happens).  We skip to the next record and repeat until the last record has been reached where we exit the script.


              If you need clarification for any of the above steps, please let me know.



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                   I tried that code and it did nothing.?
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                  Hmmmm....  let's try a new script with one step.


                  Send Mail []


                  This should bring up the Send Mail dialog box where you can enter information into the fields.  See if this works.  If so, then make sure your original script has similar settings.


                  The other possibility is that all of your Email entries for the found set of records are blank, thereby circumventing the Send Mail script step.



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                       i dont want to use the send mail dialog box. i want to edit the actual email using thunderbird like the script i have does.  lets just talk in the other message you replied to .  i wrote back in that one. thanks a lot.