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    Sending Emails to Specific Groups "one at a time"



      Sending Emails to Specific Groups "one at a time"


           I am running for office and I am tracking people I meet based on a number of fields, including issues they care about. I would like to write different emails based on issues, and then send individually addressed emails to those individuals. For the past few months, I have literally been writing individual emails to hundreds of folks. It seems that FileMaker has the capability to send individual emails so that the recipient sees his or her name in the text of the email and the recipient sees his or her email address in the To line. Perhaps this requires a script, though I have never done one before. Any help would greatly appreciated.

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               It does not necessarily require a script. But one may make the process much faster and easier.

               Do you want to send out an email where the message is the same but which has the recipient's name inserted in the appropriate spots? The basic "form letter" type of email?

               That can be done with a calculation that combines the body of your email with fields from the data base that contain the name of that recipient and/or any other info from the database that you want to insert into the email to customize it to that specific person. It might look like this:

               "Dear " & Recipients::FirstName &",¶¶Thank you for meeting with me...

               There are also ways to set up "template" records where you write out your message for multiple recipients with "placeholder" text for specific fields in a text field. A calculation then substitutes the recipients data for the placeholders in your email.