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Sending group emails on Email Campaign Management / Filemaker Pro 11

Question asked by charliehatton on Sep 24, 2010


Sending group emails on Email Campaign Management / Filemaker Pro 11


Hi again

I am about to give birth and really need some help with the below...will no one take pity on me?!


Hello Gang

I am v. much a beginner on FM software, which may explain a little of why I am deeply confused.

I have set up a new campaign on an Email Campaign Management database.  Uploaded 400 odd contacts from one of my contact databases.  Then created sub groups of 25 names per group (this seemed a safe number per group email...did not want to overload the system).

I have attached a marketing image and titled the campaign and pressed the send button.  My Mail account then pulls up an individual email for each contact, so I have to press the send button multiple times...I was fully expecting the email to show 25 names in one I missing something here? Why does this software offer you the option of adding/creating a group? What exactly is it's function then if it is just going to send out an email per contact in the end?  

I have come across the other option, going to File/Mail and then sending group emails via the Send Mail window either by email client / or SMTP server.  But I don't understand why these two systems appear to be incompatible.  Using this method would appear to mean that you can not actually track your campaigns, show history etc.  You are just setting up a random email to many contacts...

I called Filemaker Support and they suggested that I need to write a script to send group emails this right?  I am confused as to why this function is not already available.  Surely this was supposed to be the whole point...?

Hope this makes sense to somebody out there!  Please help!  Charlie