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Sending keystroke to radio button has no affect ?

Question asked by synergy46 on Aug 12, 2012
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Sending keystroke to radio button has no affect ?


I have a main members layout; attached below.

On the left is a portal that has a working relationship with Members.  (The portal is based on Members)

When displaying the member names, the portal works as desired.  For example, when I click the Member radio button and then click Active radio button , all the Active Members show in the portal. Same with Candidates.

But, if there are no Inactive Candidates, for example, clicking that combination shows an empty form on the right.

I have trapped the error (when no records are found) and even sent P& "Member"&P and P&"Active"&P to the respective radio buttons but the portal listing is unaffected.  If I manually click on "Member" and "Active" for example, they work as expected. 

Question:  "What can I do to simulate the pressing of the "Active" and "Member" buttons, for example?