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sending mail SMTP works in Pro but not on IWP

Question asked by cresal on Sep 29, 2011


sending mail SMTP works in Pro but not on IWP


I'm hoping someone can tell me what's going wrong here.

I have a send mail script that uses global variables to set the user name/email addy/password for sending SMTP mail through our server (these variables are set by other scripts and working fine in both Pro and IWP).


The script works perfectly when I access it through FMP, but nothing happens when I go through IWP. My settings are shown in the image below (obviously with the real server and port set, and i'm not using attachments with the IWP script).

out email server is not actually the same server that FMS is on, if that matters. through i am testing it from the local network.

When I run the script it thinks and pauses for a moment, as though it is talking to the server, but no email is received on the other end (i've been testing by sending to myself). Again, it works perfectly when run through FMP.

Is there some other reason that I've missed why IWP isn't sending the email as desired?

Thanks. Hope you can help!