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    Sending Mass Emails



      Sending Mass Emails


           Hey everyone,

           So I encountered a problem while trying to find a way to send out a mass email, I don't know how!
           I basically have around 375 contacts in my database, some with more than one email address, and I would like to send one email to all of them at once from time to time (announcements, promotions, etc.)

           Would there be a way of doing this? If so, could someone walk me through it or give me a step by step?
           My ideal solution would be to have a button at t5he top of my contacts list that will open Mail and start a new message to all the contacts.


           Thanks sooo much!

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               Did Phil not already answer this, or am I suffering Dejá vu...?

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                 You don't have to keep posting the same question each day. If you do not get a response in a timely manner you can respond to your own post in Post A Answer and that will "bump" it back to the top of Recent Items. Duplicate posts can generate confusion when two or more people attempt answering your question by responding to different copies of the same question.

                 There's a fuzzy part of your question:


                      some with more than one email address

                 How are the multiple email addresses recorded in your database?

                 If an individual has 4 different email addresses, do you want to send them just one copy of this email or do you want to send the email to all of their email addresses?

                 If it was just one email address to each record there's a simple option you can select in the Send Mail dialog that will send the email using the designated email address field for every record in your found set, but your answers to the above question may modify the details of how you use that feature.

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                   Email services on the internet might be a good option.  They track and produce reports that are difficult to create in FMP.

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                     Sorrry about that. To clarify, if an individual has 4 different email addresses, I would like for the email I'm sending to make it to all of their email addresses. In my database, the different email addresses are divided in to seperate fields "home email", "work email", "other email 1", "other email 2"

                     If there's anything else you need me to answer, just ask away!

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                       A related table of email addresses would be more flexible, but working with what you have for the moment, define this calculation for the "To" box in send mail or in a calculation field you then select for the TO box in that dialog:

                       Subsitute ( List ( YourTable::Home email ; YourTable::work email ; YourTable::other email 1 ; Yourtable::other email 2 ) ; ¶ ; "; " )

                       I've used a semicolon as the delimitter, your client email software may require that you use a comma instead of the semi-colon to separate addresses in a list of email addresses.

                       Use this with the Multiple Emails (found set) option in the send mail dialog and you should be able to send out an email to every email address in your found set of records.

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                         It would make your script easier if you simply sent to the first address.

                         And as a recipient, I'd be brassed off at getting the same e-mail to all 3 of the addresses I provided, like: "You can't see that they're ALL me?"...

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                           Hey guys, So I played around with a few different options and I decided to just send the email to their first address, which I set up and it was working fine. However, I then ran in to a dilemma that was mentionned above:

                           My mail server, Gmail, allows a maximum of around 200 emails to be sent at a time, and I have around 370 contacts.
                           Right now, I have "Contacts:: Home Email" being used in the button setup dialog box. Is there a way of having that button send to the "home email address"of first half of the alphabet for example?

                           Other than that, it seems to be worlking fine.
                           Thanks a lot!

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                             Use a script to pull up a smaller found set than all the records in your database. Then do the send mail. You can perform a find for all names < "M" for example. Send the email, then do a show all omitted and do a second send mail.

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