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Sending New Record/Data to another Filemaker Account

Question asked by ienalpe28 on Nov 5, 2012
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Sending New Record/Data to another Filemaker Account


     Hi I am working with a filemaker project that let's one user input text in set of fields and one of the field will be a "reffered to" which user can select user account that the record/data will be send to after commiting or pressing a submit button. The other user whom the record or data were reffered will then login to the database and will received a notification or the new record/data for action. (this should be in list view cos one user can be reffered with many record/data for action.)

     Can anyone please help me on how to do this. Im new to filemaker and I havent found a solution yet to my problem

     I will be so thankful to anyone who will help me.


     Im using filemaker pro 12 advanced.