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    Sending out merged mail/letter (not e-mail)



      Sending out merged mail/letter (not e-mail)


      Hi all the experts,

      I have a question regarding sending out merged mail/letters.

      According to the tutorial, I figured out how to send out seperate letters in respective record. But, if two records in my database are couples, and I only wish to send out one letter saying: Dear Mr. and Mrs. XX instead of Dear Mr. XX, Dear Mrs. XX separately.

      I really appreciate your solutions.


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          Simplest is to restructure your database so that you only have one record for that couple. I do that in one of my databases by setting up a "family" table that links to individuals. A family can consist of one or many contacts and a contact can even be a member of more than one family as it is set up as a "join" table here. With such a structure, you can then send out your letters referring to the family record instead of the table of individuals. Salutations and such that combine names would need to be set up in text fields in this "family" record.

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            Thanks Phill, and I'll try that out.

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              Phil, could you specify how to fulfill the "joint" function?

              P.S: Creating a new table, do I just creat another layout?


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                New tables are created in manage | database | tables. When you create one there, FileMaker creates a new layout for it of the same name which you can use or not as you see fit.

                You may not need to set it up as a "join" table. So don't get hung up on the terminology here.

                Do this to get started:

                I'll refer to your current table as "contacts".

                Add Use Manage | Database | tables to create a new Table named "family" and define at least the following fields, but you'll likely need more later.:

                FamilyID  : Make this an auto-entered serial number field
                FamilyName : A text field used to help identify each family record in value lists.
                Salutation : Might be a calculation field, but more likely just a text field for entering text such as "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" to use in your form letters.

                Add a new field of type number to Contacts and name it FamilyID

                Now click on the relationships tab and drag from Contacts::FamilyID to Family::FamilyID to link them in a relationship.

                Now your form letters can use the fields in Family, but you can still refer to data specific to each contact such as email addresses and cell phone numbers.

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                  I'm grateful for your assistance.