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Sending Text Messages from FM 11

Question asked by sundown on Jun 9, 2015
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Sending Text Messages from FM 11


I contacted Twilio to set up my Filemaker database to text short messages to a group of clients. They sent me instructions, but it specifies it is for FM 13I have FM 11 on my host computer and about 8 older model iMacs & MBPs with FM 10s & 11s on older version OS's. Not practical for me to upgrade all of these.

Twilio says this would work on IF Filemakers versions 10 & 11 have support for HTTPS POST connections. If not, they said I might find a plugin that can act as a middle platform between filemaker & Twilio.

Can anyone tell me if FM 10 & 11 have support for HTTPS POST connections, or how I can find out

If not, can I buy FM 13 for my host computer and then will the other computers with FM 10 & 11 be able to send text on the Remote sites?