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    sendmail - outlook 2011



      sendmail - outlook 2011 & filemaker 12




           i am using Filemaker 12.0v5 and Outlook 2011(14.3.8) on a mac pro running OSX 10.6.8


           i have setup a contacts database from the Contacts Starter Solution


           i have entered a First and Last name as well as an email address


           when i click on the "send by email" button... Filemaker will either launch Outlook 2011 if it is closed.. or bring it to the fore if it is open... however... it does not create a new email


           is there something i am missing





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               A bug report that started in 2010 and the last entry

          "Send Mail" and Outlook 2011 MAC
          "Send Mail" and Outlook 2011 MAC

               This same issue has been plaguing me for a while so wanted to post how I got this to work in case this helps some folks;
               Outlook 2011 for MAC seems to be much stricter on the values supplied with the SendMail command than OSX Mail, details as follows:
               The SendMail command must have at least 1 recipient email address, (in the To, CC or BCC fields), a valid subject and vaild message. If you use the use a 'set' to supply the email addresses, you must remove any blank fields too.  If you meet all of the above criteria, Outlook 2011 for MAC will generate and auto populate emails as expected.

               Another   http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/3176df36a3?commentId=118347#118347

               SMTP Option
               Support for SendingMail via an SMTP Server vs. an email client
               Can FileMaker Pro send email via an SMTP server rather than an email client?



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                 thanks for the reply




                 is there likely to be a fix for this... or at least a workaround.. or a plugin


                 we are using outlook 2011 exclusively and really need to be able to send out of filemaker (via outlook) without having to worry about entering subject data etc in filemaker (basically we want to find a contact record.. click on a big fat button to send an email via outlook)


                 huge thanks in advance for any further insight



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                   I am researching similar issues.  We're currently using FM10 but getting ready to upgrade to FM12.  I read that FM12 corrects the issues with Mac Outlook 2011.  We only have a few users on Mac and only one of them is using Mac Outlook 2011.  I'm trying to do some testing to make sure that Upgrading to FM12 will resolve the issue with Send Mail and Mac Outlook 2011.  Testing will be difficult as I do not have a Mac and thus don't have Mac Outlook 2001 to use for testing.  I will need to create a copy of the file, convert it to FM12.  Then, I'll need to have the user download a demo and test it on his Mac machine with Mac Outlook 2011.

                   Is there anything I need to know about changes I may need to make to my Send Mail script?  Also, can you define what Mac Outlook 2011 deems as a “valid subject” and a “valid message”?

                   Thank you.