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    SendMail didnt send an email



      SendMail didnt send an email


      I ran a runtime program that I made on a different computer to my regular one.

      It was to send emails to a list of people (the progam script uses the sendmail command).

      They all sent successfuly except one. It failed on a repeat try.

      I investigated and found that the email address was fine.

      I checked further and found that the email client was Windows Mail.

      Windows Mail didnt have this particular person as a contact, so I added the person as a contact and retried the runtime program.

      This time it worked fine.

      This is bad news and can't be normal. Can anyone help me out?

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          When I look up Send Mail in FileMaker Help for FileMaker 11, I don't find Windows Mail listed as a compatible email client... Frown

          Note to Mac users, while Outlook is not listed in help as compatible on mac systems, compatibility with it was added during an update. Unfortunately, the help file was not updated to show that it now is compatible.