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    separate data and design files



      separate data and design files


      Using manage External data sources, I have created a file for my data and a separate file for the design. The purpose is to be able to work on the design file while leaving my client's data intact. In the relationships graph I have referenced all my tables to the data file. This seems to work, but when fields have calculations, the context of shows "<unknown>," and the external data file is not an option. Also when editing a calculation I keep getting the message that the table cannot be found, even though existing calculations (created before the data was split off) seem to work all right. I have done something wrong, but don't know what. Please help. Thank you



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             Most likely the calcs are still looking for references to the local file. If your Interfaces file is looking for fields that used to be there, it obviously wont find them since the tables are now gone. Some of your calcs should still be in the data file. Without seeing more specific information to your situation, it will be hard to help further.
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            If I make a new calculation should it be in the data file rather than in the design file? 


            Also, if I create a new field in the data file, how do I make it available to a layout in the design file? 


            I have wondered if I should create a duplicate table in the relationship graph of the design file that references the data file, but hesitate because it looks like it could get really confusing.


            I used to program in 4D which automatically separated the design and data files. Now I have to figure out how to do it for myself.Thank you for your help. 

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              Well most of your calculations would be in the data file I am going to assume ( I dont know your solution ) since it will reference your data fields. In my solutions I use some calc in the User file as I reference globals and value list data through them.


              As for adding a new field, once a new field is added, it will be accessible to select from the table occurrence in the User file.