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separating by groups for email

Question asked by StevePandol on Dec 19, 2010
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separating by groups for email


I've been having trouble getting Filemaker to do what I need. I have a database of email addresses that I use for my mailing list. My isp suggested I send emails out in groups of 100 (Don't worry, it's not spam. It's my band's fan mailing list). I set up a calculation where the record number is returned (Get (RecordNumber)) and stored in another field "record number". I sort the address by "email" and because I don't store the calculation, they fall in order 1, 2 , 3... Using the find command I try to find in groups of 100 and send that group an email through Filemaker. The first I use <=100 and it returns, what seems to be the correct addresses. But when I find a range (101..200), It returns address from different places and not correct according to the search criteria. So, if I find 101.200, it will give me addresses from the group <=100.

Now, if I store the record number calculation, and sort by name, the record number field is incorrect. 1, 581, 15, 2, 3...

Not sure what I am doing wrong. All I want to do is have a sorted email list and break them into groups of 100 using a find so I can email each group.

Any help you can give me is appreciated! Maybe I should go about it another way?

Thank you.