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Separating database from solution???

Question asked by jjfcpa_1 on May 21, 2010
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Separating database from solution???


I know there is a separation model, but I need to go beyond this.


I want to use FMPA to develop an application that can be used to maintain data for multiple clients.  It's called a service bureau application.  Think of Quickbooks.  In Quickbooks you can create an unlimited number of client databases.  This is what I'm after and it is imperative that each client database be a separate file.


Trying to do this in ONE database is a non-starter for security reasons (never a good idea to co-mingle client data), for safety (if the file gets corrupt, only one will need to be replaced/restored), and for mobility (may need to use the data on a laptop in various locations).


Anyone created this type of app using FMP?