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    Separation deployment - or not?



      Separation deployment - or not?


      I'm pondering the separation model prior to a beta launch with a limited number of staff.

      Currently, my data and layouts all exist in the same file and this will be uploaded to FMS and used by the testers.  Clearly there will be changes in this period, but also there will be live usage as well.

      I could set up the separation model at this point, but I'm concerned about major changes brought about by testing and feedback.

      As a launch strategy, would it be better to:

      1) Give it to the testers on a non-separated file, take feedback, engineer the changes and separate before main launch, or;

      2) Separate it prior to the testing, take the feedback and hop around between layout and data files when changing and correcting?

      I anticipate the beta feedback would be the biggest single raft of changes required which is why I ask.

      Thanks in advance



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          Generally speaking, you would set up a data separation system in order to make managing change easier so I don't see why you would hold off on deploying a copy of your system with the data separated.

          With data separation, interface file updates do not require importing data from one copy of the file into another. You just replace one copy of the file with another...