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    Separation Model



      Separation Model


           Hii, I'm new in FM.So please tell me dat how can we implement separation model in the filemaker??what should i have to do first...????

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               Ok I will be the first to ask....

               What is a separation model?sad


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                 I couldn't wait to hear back form you so I Bing'd it,  Read on it, and there are several spots to define what is simply done on FMP.


                 Simply create your Interface's as separtate Files and FMP will let you link externals files.  Done!

                 It is recommended that all Files be kept in same basic root directory, which may violate your desired outcome.  This for speed and not accessibilty.

                 FMP gives you the tools, but you the programmer must layout your desire model.cool



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                   And here's a link in this forum on converting a single file FileMaker database into the two file "Separation Model" version: Convert to Seperation Model

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                     Hi....Thnx 4 rplyy...Bt actually thng is der is only one main file and der are around 20 external files.. so in this case... how can i use separation model..????


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                       I don't understand.  You pick the center of the wheel.  I don't think there is a limit to the number of external files [spokes].  I have a DB with at least 12 externals.  You model it.  FMP implements your model.  Phil gave you how to separate if needed, but it seems you are starting FRESH.

                       You are just separating the Design Public interface to the HIG artistic people, from the Data storage calculation design people, you wish to display/input on the Web.

                       BTW it is my humble opinion that 90%+ of most encoding is for the Human Interface Guildlines HIG.surprise


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                         You can build one interface file that has data source references to every separate, one table file.

                         This makes for a much more complex design and not one that I'd use without very good reason, but it can be made to work.

                         In this case, you would set up a new databse file and use the button in the lower left corner of Manage | Database | Relationships to add at least one external data source reference based table occurrence for each table you need to include as part of your database system. This can be all tables from one file or many tables from many files, the result in your relationship graph is the same. Once you have the table occurrences and relationships set up, you can exit Manage | Database an start building your interface, the scripts, layouts, value lists needed to get your solution to work.

                         An alternative approach would be to first create a new file, using Import records with the "new table" option for specifying the target table to pull all your tables and data into a single file. Then create only the basic relationships needed for your calcualtion fields that reference related tables, if you have any, to calculate the correct values. (You have to upate each such field after importing and creating relationships before they will work correctly.)

                         Then you can follow the steps spelled out in the thread from my earlier link to produce the more typical two file "data separation" system. You can add additional relationships needed at the interface level just to the interface file after splitting the file.

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                           Hey hii.. Thnx Phil and Jim

                           Finally i got it..wat is this Stuffff...... smiley

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                             HeY...What is radical separation ??? when its used ????????

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                               Can u explain What is the Separatin model????

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                                 A simple explaination is...

                                 You separate your LEFT BRAINED people from RIGHT BRAINED people.wink

                                 If your solution is big enought to afford two Groupsyes


                                 PS: I was tested MIDDLE BRAINED, but feel sometimes ADDELED BRAINEDdevil