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    separation model over internet


      separation model over internet


           I have quite a slow internet connection at my office, so in order to use my database from home, I think if I store only the data.fmp12 file on FMServer at the office, and use the interface.fmp12 file on my computer at home, then this should greatly speed up the connection. However, I use a laptop.(mac). How do I get my interface.fmp12 file to link up automatically to the intranet or internet version of the data.fmp12 file stored on FMS at the office? It will depend on whether I am at home or the office? Is there a way for a script to test =what network I am on?

           Does this make sense?
           Thank you


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               You would need to open Manage | External Data Sources and edit each entry there to add a connection to the server's hosted copy of the data file.

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                 I am not sure this would work - I have the sep model working fine when in the office. My interface file on my laptop can connect to the data file stored on my FMServer mac mini server.

                 When I am at home, I would have thought that the interface file, on same laptop, will try and look for the mac miniserver on the home network as opposed to looking over the internet to my static IP of my office server..

                 Or have I misunderstood?


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                   That's why you would open manage | external data sources to redirect the connections to the hosted remote server. In external data sources, you can list different file paths on different rows of text. FileMaker will attempt to connect with the first listed path and then try the next one when the first fails.

                   That should work, but may result in significant delays opening your database while waiting for FileMaker to parse through this information trying each listed entry in turn. You'll have to test this and see.

                   You might want to use two copies of the interface file, each set to connect via a different file path to the hosted data file. For LAN use, you could access a copy of the interface file on the server and for remote use, use the local copy on your laptop.

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                     Ah yes - Got it - thanks. Will test out different methods. 

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                       BTW, I would be very interested to hear how much difference this makes in database responsiveness. In theory, it should be faster, but I'd be interested to hear how much of a difference it actually makes.

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                         I shall let you know - In the meantime I have a few things left to do in the design of this DB. Am about 90% finished. And then need to test!