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Separation Model Security Sync Issue

Question asked by on Dec 23, 2013
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Separation Model Security Sync Issue


     I have implemented an extensive multi-user application with the App and Data files separated.  It was my hope to be able to modify the App file then overwrite App file on the server to update the code and GUI while maintaining the Data.  This works great except for one issue.  The users have the ability to update their passwords (which updates the security tables on both files).  My scenario is:

     1. I download the most current version of the App file from the server

     2. I modify the App file

     3. I upload the revised App file to the server.

     This work great unless any user has updated their password between steps 1 and 3.  In this case, the password in my downloaded App file will not match the password in the Data file on the server.

     Any suggestions on how to avoid this or to re-sync the passwords across hundreds of user accounts?  Can this be done with a scrip? The Data file would always have the most updated passwords.