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Separation Model – Goto Related Records Layout issue

Question asked by user22711 on May 21, 2014
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Separation Model – Goto Related Records Layout issue & Q's


     Spent the last week converting an Enterprise Solution (16 files, 38 Tables) to Separation Model and have had a few unexpected surprises…

  1.           Split Data in separate file and created relationships as needed for Calc fields.
  3.           All UI files have had Table Occurrences updated to new Data file.
  5.           Created Globals table to do away with Variable issues across multiple file solution. Updated Scripts.
  7.           I know UI file Relationship Graph Occurrences have correct relationships as related record are properly display, but using Go To Related Record does not work when defining a button? Under Go to Related Record options, when I select ‘Use External table’s Layouts’ and then browse... no Layouts are shown available. As the Data Table of course in the Data file has no Layouts defined… The Layout I need is in a separate UI file than the one I am calling it from. What is hte workaround? I have portals all across the solution that allow users to drilldown to the related record and see it in it's native layout (most likely a different UI file)

     So a few questions related to using this model with Filemaker Pro... could I put all scripts, original value lists and logic into a third file and have all scripts set to run from Server (use Perform Script from Server step)? So there would be:

     (1) DATA File with some Relationship Graph Occurrences as needed

     (1) Code File with all Scripts and Value Lists and

     (xxx) UI files with just Layouts & Relationship Graph Occurrences.

     I would create original Value lists in this file and then in each UI file set-up corresponding VL as “Use Value List from another File…”

     Going to look into External Authentication on Mac to do away with security issues but if I do continue to use Filemaker administration of security policy id there a 3rd party commercial solution anyone can recommend for management?

     And lastly, what’s the deal with customer Menus? Do I have to create the exact same Menu Set for each UI file? No import or ability to copy across multiple files? Yikes.. That seems unnecessary.. maybe a 3rd party solution for that as well?

     Thanks as always, I be lost without this forum (And especially PhilModJunk’s help)