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Seperate records from CSV

Question asked by illbe on Dec 13, 2010
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Seperate records from CSV


Hello everyone, first of all thank you to this forum, you have been a lifesaver.

I have data from a csv file (exported from an old Professional File database) imported into a database, the problem is that there is a field called notes (by me) that has multiple dates (2-23-55 etc.) followed by multiple coresponding notes. This is all one long string. I can parse the first date (the first date is in the very beginning of the text block on all records) by using LeftWord, the problem is that I don't know how to seperate the remaining dates from the text as the text length varies for each record. I would like to wind up with the date of the note (noteDate) in one field, and the text for each date in another (note). This may be a fairly simple thing to do in FM so please excuse my newbieness.

Thank you for the help