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    Sequencing Look Up Values



      Sequencing Look Up Values


      I've made a number of relations to a main file that I need to pull alot of information to. All of my initial information lookups are based on a field called part number. I then have a number of subsequent lookups based on fields that were populated based on the part number relation. However, none of my secondary lookups occur. If I go in and modify the fields that were looked up based on the part number field then the next set of lookups occur.

      For example, if a field called "material specification" becomes populated because of a lookup based on part number, then none of the look ups based on the "material specification" field occur unless I go in and delete a letter and retype it. Then when I've comitted that field all the look ups based on that field occur.

      How can I make it so that fields that are lookup values, that are based on fields that are actually look up fields themselves, will become populated without having to go in and recommit the field?

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          Hmmm, just did a test. On my Windows XP system, using FileMaker 11, I have three tables with these relationships:

          Parent::ChildID = Child::ChildID

          Parent::GrandChildID = GrandChild::GrandChildID

          In GrandChild, I defined these fields:


          In Child:


          In Parent:

          GrandChildID  (uses looked up value field option to copy GrandChildID from Child::GrandChildID)
          Name (uses looked up value field option to copy Name from GrandChild::Name)

          When I enter a value in Parent::ChildID, the matching GrandChildID is looked up into GrandChildID from Child and the correct text from name is then looked up into Parent:Name from GrandChild::Name.

          Thus, this worked for me. See any differences in your setup here?

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            No, I don't see anything different. This got me looking at my database a bit more and I actually have one set of lookups that are working correctly.

            The work order field is used to look up a heat number field which is then used to look up the chemical percentage fields.  These all work correctly.

            However, my other set of related lookups, work order field to material spec field (this first lookup does work) and material spec field to a number of other rleated fields, does not work.

            Any ideas on where I could begin to look to find what is different?

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              Just looking for distinctions here: Where this doesn't work, is it a looked up value field option or an auto-entered calculation?

              What version of FileMaker are you using?

              Can you confirm that the relationshps are valid? (Put a portal to the related table on your layout as a temporary check to see that the correct related records show up in it.)

              Can you check the looked up value settings to confirm they are correct?

              Any change in behavior if you re-index the fields on which the two relationships are based? (Turn off indexing for the field, exit Manage Database by clicking OK, return to Manage database and turn indexing back on.)

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                I think I remember another person posted a similar issue and it seem to have something to do with the order in which the fields were defined or the order in which the looked up values were first defined. I may not be remembering that correctly.

                If all else fails, an OnObjectExit script trigger can be implemented that uses the Relookup script step to trigger the second look up.