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Sequencing Look Up Values

Question asked by kingsley47 on Jan 3, 2011
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Sequencing Look Up Values


I've made a number of relations to a main file that I need to pull alot of information to. All of my initial information lookups are based on a field called part number. I then have a number of subsequent lookups based on fields that were populated based on the part number relation. However, none of my secondary lookups occur. If I go in and modify the fields that were looked up based on the part number field then the next set of lookups occur.

For example, if a field called "material specification" becomes populated because of a lookup based on part number, then none of the look ups based on the "material specification" field occur unless I go in and delete a letter and retype it. Then when I've comitted that field all the look ups based on that field occur.

How can I make it so that fields that are lookup values, that are based on fields that are actually look up fields themselves, will become populated without having to go in and recommit the field?