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sequencing serial number?

Question asked by JasonO'Berry on Sep 24, 2012
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sequencing serial number?


     Im designing my first real database and i need some guidance. My client enters prints into a prints table (name, size, cost,max number,etc). Each print can be printed up to what the maximum is set to throught the print_sequence table.A sequence is created by referencing the print_id in the prints table and should return 1 of 50, 2 of 50 and so on. This sequencing is whats throwing me. In the print_sequence table how do i define the correct sequence number. I tried using a summary field and also a getSummary function to give me the count of the print_id records but that updates on every record and doesnt store that individual sequence numbers print sequence. Sorry if this is confusing. So whats the best route on this one? Perhaps a new table occurance with a new relationship or something. Thanks for reading!