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      I am a printer that neeDs to modernize.  I have filemaker pro 10 trial.  This is what I want to do. 


      Sequential number in 3 different places with the same font and sequential number in a fourth place with a different font.


      This it what it should look like on the first sheet





      000001   different font                                                     1   same font


                                                                                         1   same font


                                                                                         1   same font



      The next sheet that prints out should look like this



      000002                                                                          2






      The next sheet should print out like this



      000003                                                                           3






      Can you help please?


          Not quite enough information for me to totally understand your needs, but it mostly sounds like you could run the forms you are printing through a loop in which you can number the fields whatever way you want. 


          (set fields to 0)

          (Find set of records if needed)

          Go to Record/Request/Page [First] 


          Set Field (FieldA;FieldA+1)

          Set Field (FieldB;FieldB+1)

          If(FieldC="different font or whatever")

          Set Field (FieldC:FieldC+1)

          End if

          Go to Record/Request/Page [Next;Exit after last]

          End Loop 

               In Layout mode/Format/Font I believe. This will set the font for a given field on a layout. All records will use that font/size/style in that field.
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              From what I can gather, you're looking at two fields:


              (1) a serial number with three occurences of the field on the layout.  Rick's comment on formatting seems on point for these three.


              (2) a calculated field with leading zeros added for a fixed length.  This link may be helpful for adding these zeros...

              Leading Zeros

              Format the font in this field differently to meet your needs.


              If these numbers are to be sequential regardless of which records are on the list you're printing, then an autoenter serial# would not be the best choice

              If this is the case, a different approach using Get(RecordNumber) might make more sense...


              The details are unclear from the original post.  Do these answers meet the need?

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                Thankyou for your past help.  I now have FilMakerPro11Advanced.  I have a solution that requires numbering.  I need a button or window that opens and says 


                ENTER QUANTITY                        ______        and I want to be able to type in for example   2500

                ENTER STARTING NUMBER     ______        and here I want to be able to type in for example 5001


                I need the numbering to come out of the printer from number 5001 to 7500


                Do you have any sugestions.


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                  Thankyou for your help back in December.  I only had the trial version at the time but now have Pro11Advanced.  I really need someone to help me finish off my solution.  I will consider paying you a fee for service if that is appropriate.  Would you consisder helping me?


                  I have the business form more or less the way I want it ,but need to make it work better


                  1.  I need to enter a variable quantity and variable starting number.  Once entered it wll need to be able to change 8 different numbers in sequence.  Example enter "2500" for quantity and starting number 7001.  The finished product will then print out atomatically from 7001 to 9500. II will need some sort of script and calculation.  The calculation with the 2 unkown valiables I have worked out mathematically but need to translate into File Maker language.


                  2.  I need to be able to email a "bind file to run time solution" to someone as a trial demo with a timer on it.  The solution must have no mention of File Maker or their logos and the administration function must be locked out.  They should be able to enter their own data (names, address phone etc) starting number and quantity and then print out the finished product.


                  3..  As soon as 1. and 2. are done I would like to investigate a way to have the solution on a web site that they can access and do the same thing wihout me having to email a solution.


                  What do you think?      Jeff 347 985 7817     fax 888 466 9152 



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                    need help finnishing off a numbering solution.  Will consider fee for service consultation



                    Jeff 347 985 7817



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                      jefrey wrote:

                      Example enter "2500" for quantity and starting number 7001.  The finished product will then print out atomatically from 7001 to 9500.


                      This sounds very similar to what I have posted here:



                      Perhaps you can make the necessary modifications yourself.




                      jefrey wrote:

                      The solution must have no mention of File Maker or their logos

                      I believe this would be a violation of your FMPA license.


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                        Thankyou for your help.    I need some fee for survice help one on one in order to finnish off my solution.  Are you interested. jeffwuckert@canada.com 347 985 7817