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Sequential Numbering Based on a Sorted Find

Question asked by ColinJim on Jun 1, 2013
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Sequential Numbering Based on a Sorted Find


     This seems like it would be straight forward so perhaps I am not doing the right searches.

     I have performed an inspection of a wharf using Filemaker Go to collect data.  The wharf has three sections (East, West and Deck) and we want to report on each section separately. 

     I have a report layout created that will be similar for each section of wharf.  I will provide an example for what I want using the "East Wharf".

     I perform a find on my Inspection data for "East".  I then sort my data based on pile number.  This is the order that I will be reporting on the East Wharf.  I need to number this 'found and sorted' set sequentially.  In an ideal world I could just use my Data_ID but that would be too easy and my boss isn't having any of that.  

     I'm thinking that this may be done through a calculated field using the count function but it seems to me that there must be an easier and cleaner way.

     Thanks in advance.