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sequential numbering of summarised records

Question asked by otto_m on May 28, 2012
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sequential numbering of summarised records



I have the following tables:

<students> with data such as name, class etc.
<problems> with exam questions, PROB#
<exam> links via STUD-ID with <students> and via PROB# with problems.

I have created a layout to list the exam questions for each class for a certain exam date:
Sub-summary by <students::class>
Body containing the <problems::exam question> field

This works fine, and the print view lists all exam problems for each class in alphabetical order. The icing of the cake, however, would be a sequential number for the questions that restarts with each class.

I have looked around the forums and FM help, but none of the solutions works. Is there a simple solution?

Thanks for your help,