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    Sequential numbering skips



      Sequential numbering skips


           Filemaker Server 8. Accessed remotely using FM Pro 7. Some of us are also using FM Pro 11.

           We have a database that was created in the early 90's and currently has over 12,000 records.

           Each new record we create is automatically assigned a new sequential ID number. Several years ago we reset the ID numbering sequence to start from zero. The latest record ID number is 9381.

           Occassionaly when we create a new record the ID nunmber will skip a number. For example, our two most recent ID numbers are 9379 and 9381. 9380 was skipped by the data base when a new record was created. The happens occassionaly.

           I did not create the database but am trying to help out occassionaly.


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               Is the application using an auto-enter serial field or is it using some other method to generate the sequence number?

               If a user adds a record (auto-enter)  then deletes the record there would be a skip in the numbering.  Filemaker does not add the number back when the record is deleted.

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                 It is a Number field, set to Auto Enter, Serial. I don't have admin rights so I had to open an earlier version of the database.

                 The new record is not being deleted. It just occassionaly skips a number and goes to the next.


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                   I suspect that this is not the case, but that a record is being deleted somehow or "lost". Auto-entered serial numbers have been very reliable over many different versions of the software.

                   You might also try rebuilding the table's indexes as a corrupted index could fail to correctly find or sort records and this can create the apparance of a gap.

                   For your version, (There are simpler ways for current versions), the simplest way to rebuild all field indexes is to save a clone of your file and then import all data from your current copy into the clone. All the indexes in the table will be rebuilt from scratch during the import.

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                     Thanks, Phil:

                     We'll have a look at the indexes.