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Serial Number

Question asked by germain on Dec 19, 2012
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Serial Number



     I made a Filemaker pro 10 Solution for my invoicing and been using it for 3 years and works really good. The only probleme is that I enter my ID numbers manually. I use the same table for Estimate and Work Orders. The reason is that I could find a way that when I do an estimate to choose a number. Then later on I can convert that estimate and get an work order number that follows the Work Order last number. ( I know about auto entry serial Number, what I'm looking for is a script that would do it like this)


     Record 1 ES 1

     Record 2 WO1

     Record 3 WO2

     Record 4 ES 2

     Record 5 WO3

     Record 6 ES 3 (but would like this Estimate to be converted to WO4)

     Record 7 WO5

     Redord 8 ES4

     Any body have any script solution. I've played with Global that saves last WO number. No luck (probably wrong script.)