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Serial Number based on date

Question asked by lowededwookie on Mar 23, 2011
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Serial Number based on date


Hi, can someone help me here?

I want to make a database that creates a job number based on the day. For example


So while the date is 24/03/11 the last four digits will increase by one but as the date changes the last four digits start from 0001 again like so


And so on.

The idea is to create a job logging system with features that we need rather than trying to modify off the shelf products to do what we need. The RF number will be the primary key where job updates get recorded against that reference.

Is this possible or does this have to be done with something like PHP which then updates the records?

Thanks in advance.

I'm newish to FileMaker Pro but now that I have some time I can sit down with this and try and learn it properly and what better way than to create a decent project rather than just contacts lists etc. :)

Incidentally I use Bento exclusively for this sort of thing at the moment but want something that can be used by people without Apple gear.