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serial number confusion after Bento migration

Question asked by seaduck on Nov 6, 2013
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serial number confusion after Bento migration


     I've just stumbled across a problem with one of the inventory databases I migrated from Bento.  When I first created it in Bento, I created an Object ID field, but didn't bother to populate it.   Once I was in FM, I used the "Replace Field Contents to Add Serial Numbers" technique described on p. 131 of the Missing Manual.   It seemed to work just fine.

     Wanting to add an object to this inventory, I just duplicated a similar record.  I noticed that the Object ID was the same as the original.  Not knowing if that is expected behavior or what I should do to generate a new auto serial ID, I investigated.  Couldn't find anything in the forum.  Went to Manage Databases, where I checked the Object ID field, and noticed that its type is listed as "Text."  That didn't seem right.  (FWIW, under Options, it says Indexed.)   So I checked against another inventory DB where I had created an auto-entered serial ID field fresh from within FM, and confirmed that this is indeed not right.

     Can you tell me the best way to rectify this?  I would like to have auto-entered serial IDs, and ideally, I would like to keep the IDs I currently have.  But if the best and easiest fix is to delete the current ID field and create a new one, I could deal with that.  This is currently still a flat file; I would only have to regenerate printed reports. ( I deleted that new duplicate record until I figure this out.)

     My follow up questions are: (1) What is the expected behavior re serial numbers when you duplicate a record? (2) Do you have any idea how I created this problem?  <g>  (Please be kind......I'm new to FM.)