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    Serial Number confusion.



      Serial Number confusion.


      I am generating specific 13 digit numbers which are made up from a range of individually entered codes (both text and numeric). I then combine these individual elements to create a single number, which i can then validate as unique.  This all works fine.


      The problem i am having is with how the Serial number field is displayed in the entry field.


      I need the auto-generated serial number to be in the range 000 to 999 - and that when the serial and other codes are combined, the result shows correctly (example - ABC/SCDG003/020 )   Yet in the entry field for the Serial it only shows the 3...I need to display all three digits in the serial, including the leading zero's.

      Any idea how i can achieve this?




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          Hi Adam


          How have you got the Serial number field setup? Do you have Auto-enter Serial set on that field?


          If so make sure the 'Next Value' option has the required number of zeroes before it, i.e. 051.


          Another option is with the calculation you are using to concatenate the fields to create you 13 digit number you could reference your Serial Number as follwos


            Right ( "000" & SerialNumber ; 3 )


          This will place 3 zeros before your serial number and the extract three characters from the right, leaving you with 003 for example.


          I hope this helps 

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            doh - so simple!!


            thanks Orlando - i just needed to add the zeroes in the manner you described.


            I already used the method you described for the concatenation...it was just the Auto Enter wasn't set quite right.